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Evening Wear

Dressing for all your evening and special event looks.
High quality materials, creatively combined designs.


Shop for outfits that will definitely impress and complete your look.
Ρούχα γραφείου όπως κοστούμι, σακάκι, φούστες, συνδυασμένα πάντα σύμφωνα με το στυλ της κάθε γυναίκας.
Everyday outfits for a walk in the city or any other occasion.

Fashion LoVERS

Ολες οι fashion lovers θα αγαπήσουν τα γυναικεία ρούχα Boulevar.D.
Ρούχα που θα εντυπωσιάσουν.Οι κουμπάρες,οι νονές ,οι μαμάδες θα είναι κομψά ντυμένες και γεμάτες αυτοπεποίθηση.

All day outfits.

Discover our incredibly stylish collection of top quality clothes that glorify a modern woman's look at the best price.

How to stay classy and chic at the office!!!

If one of your first thoughts in the morning is what to wear at the office, at meetings or even for a night out, visit Boulevar.D. We will offer you elegant and aesthetic solutions that will satisfy every taste with respect to every woman's style.

Famous Brands
Popular designs and colors of the most famous brands in the Greek market : Forel, Passager, Angelo, Farmakis, La Soie, Enzzo, Queen, Derpouli, Makis Tselios.
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